Creative Computing

Today’s kids are born with the ability to swipe! There are probably no kids who do not like to play games with a tablet or a mobile phone. There are numerous apps designed for even 1 year old in mind.

This program is aimed at kids who are enthusiastic about animation movies and video games and spend a good amount of time using computers. Kids can learn logic through game programming that would stretch their brain muscle in different directions. Here the kids will do some gaming, computer programming, movie making, and much more!


Robotics is a way to build and strengthen cognitive development, as well as other academic areas such as mathematics, engineering, communication skills, strategic thinking and goal-oriented thinking.

  • Actively become involved in their own learning process.
  • Build engineering intuition through constant engineering process.
  • Emphasize meaningful problem-based learning thru integration and application of knowledge.
  • Develop their interests in math and scientific technology.
  • Engage students in complex, strategic problem-solving, computational thinking and higher-order thinking – pre-requisite in successful in research in science and engineering.
  • Cultivate the passion to Success. Make achieving goals as a habit.
  • Being active life-time learner.
  • Build the ability to think through problems strategically with a focus on logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and critical thinking. This ability is required not only in critical science fields, but a lot other professional areas as well.
  • Prepare your children for the competitive workforce, especially in science technology; which is and will be in great demand.
  • Equip your children the skills to be readily applied and transferable to various industries, not just robotics or science.